The network

Since 2003, The Cabinet CANTAIS, the expert in selling businesses, has built a network of salesmen specialized in trading businesses throughout the French territory for efficiency in serving our customers. In order to satisfy our customers entrepreneurs and owners of SMEs who wish to sell their business, our business law firm has developed two main services.

Our "village agents":

Specialized salesmen that with time and experience have made the deliberate choice to focus more on a particular geographic area to offer a targeted proficiency and thus a true performance.


  • They only sell businesses!
  • They are near to where you live, so they are near you.
  • They know better than anyone the economic and social benefit of the local sale of business assets.
  • They know the local players, the specifics of your community, your traditions and affinities
  • They share your expectations and know better than anyone what confidentiality means.
  • They are backed by our 'expert salesmen ‘on a case by case basis if necessary.

Our "expert agents":

Salesmen which are hyper specialized in your business sector. They work on large geographical areas consisting of several French departments, even regions.

Strengths :

  • They only sell businesses!
  • An increased and sharpened experience of business transactions, often difficult to enter, analyze, or to integrate by the largest number of purchasers.
  • They are aware of ongoing professional specific laws, in close relations with regional professional bodies.
  • Our "expert agents" know each other well and form a team that wants to be on “an A-list”.
  • They are closely related to each other, sharing the same passion.
  • Try them, their specialty is a guarantee of optimum efficiency!

All receive training services, consultancy, development and monitoring of our legal and transactional business law firm.

The special agents of the Cabinet CANTAIS Affairs, the discretion of professionals near you, the effectiveness of real experts.

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